The services provided by the UENR Library are as follows:


Registered users have the opportunity to borrow some of the library materials with multiple copies and use at their leisure period with the exception of those marked as reference (REF).


The library provides reference support to users by responding to users’ needs such as providing assistance in identifying library materials or providing brief, factual answers to questions, such as addresses, statistics, phone numbers, etc. that can be quickly located.


We provide photocopying service that enable users make copies of pages of library materials as well as personal documents at a moderate fee.


The library provides printing services to users who are interested in printing at a moderate fee. 

Internet services

The Library provides the opportunity for its users or clients to browse the internet using the ICT tools available in the library.


Current Access Service

The Library provides Current Access Service to its clientele by supplying them with current information in their research areas on regular basis.

Selective Dissemination of Information

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) is activity of supplying library users with specific type of information on a regular basis with requested by the user. The main objective of SDI is to keep the user well-informed and up-to-date in his area of interest.

Library Orientation/ Education

Trainings are organized for our users on how to effectively utilize the library resources. During such trainings, an advert is placed for interested users to register.

Also, a general orientation is organized for newly admitted students about the library.


Users have the opportunity to send in their information need or request for a librarian to respond to, via the library mail (